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1800 JPA
* Community Information

Thank you for selecting 1800 JPA as your new home! We are very pleased you have chosen this community for the purposes of your home and/or investment. We hope that the information provided here will be helpful to you as you enjoy the community. We welcome any questions you may have regarding this website and ask that you direct questions or concerns to Cathcart Property Management.

You have chosen to purchase/live in a Condominium Community and therefore, must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Condo Association.  These Rules and Regulations can be found under the HOA Documents section of this website.  Policies are subject to change at any time at the direction of the Board. If a change occurs, written notice will be delivered to you.  Policies and Regulations are made for your protection, to assist you in avoiding charges and penalties, and to continue to make your property attractive and comfortable. 
All vehicles parked within the parking lot must have a current parking pass displayed in the rear windshield. Each August, parking passes are available for $40 and may be purchased onsite at posted times or at the Cathcart Property Management office located at 200 Reserve Boulevard, Ste #200, Charlottesville, VA 22901. A copy of the lease and vehicle registration must be shown in order to purchase a parking pass.


Please be sure that all occupants know where their mailbox is located within the property.  Each owner is responsible for the keys and lock to their individual box.  Cathcart Property Management can arrange to have a lock fixed or a key replace, for a fee.  The fees will be applied to the owner's account and should be paid immediately.  Please contact our office to arrange for this and to obtain the amount of the charge.


Each individual condominium has its own electrical service panel.  It is the responsibility of the owner or renter to coordinate service with the electric company for service.  The electrical panels in most of the condos at JPA have never been updated.  Recently some owners have experienced electrical fires and/ or short circuits due to an overload of the old circuitry.  If you have not updated your electrical panel, it is highly recommended that you immediately schedule an electrician to review your circuit breaker panel and update accordingly.  The property was built in the late 1960’s and therefore contains fairly antiquated electrical fuses and circuitry which are problematic in today’s world of technology and resulting increased electrical demand.
The telephone and cable lines which serve your condo and/or which are within your condominium are the responsibility of the unit owner. Phone line maintenance insurance, which should cover any/or most repairs, is available through the phone company and is highly recommended by the management. Problems with phone or cable lines should be reported to your phone or cable provider.  All phone and cable wires must be secured along the baseboard or doorjambs and can not cross thresholds, traffic areas, hallways or any common area in the apartment. Please contact your property manager should you have any questions about this matter.


Under certain restrictions, the installation of an individual satellite dish, of 18” in diameter or less, or a traditional stick-type antenna within a owner’s/resident’s premises is permitted.  The following conditions and restrictions will apply:  Dishes may not be installed on any common area including walls, outside window sills, roofs, common area balconies or stairwells, lawns, or any other common area. Under no circumstances can the device extend beyond the balcony railing, patio line, or fence.  No holes may be drilled through the outside walls, roofs, balcony railings, glass, fences, or any concrete patios. The satellite dish must be a stand-alone system. A resident may not splice into any existing wires or cable. All questions about signal reception, installation and cost of satellite dishes should be directed to the provider of your choice.
Dumpsters for trash are located at the south side of the high-rise as well in the parking area beside the pool at the back of the property for your convenience. The dumpsters are emptied twice a week, typically every Tuesday. Please put trash IN the dumpster. Do not place trash outside of the dumpster on the ground, as animals will tear the bags and spread the trash.  Please do not leave trash bags or other debris outside your condo entrance.  If it is necessary for us to remove the trash, your account will be billed.

The high-rise is equipped with a trash chute which runs from each floor down to a trash room.  It is imperative that trash be placed in bags that will fit into the trash chute.  If you attempt to shove or squeeze trash into the chute it will back up the entire building’s trash chute and will render the chute useless.  The chute is gravity fed and therefore everything must fall freely to the lowest level.  Under no circumstance may anyone enter the base of the trash chute/garbage room.  The trash room contains dumpsters which are rolled out nightly in order for the waste service companies to pick up the trash.

The area surrounding your condo including lawns, sidewalks, and any other free spaces inside the community are to be enjoyed, with consideration of your neighbors. Personal items left in the common areas will be removed and disposed of, without notice, at the expense of the owner/resident.  These areas must be kept free of litter such as cigarettes, trash, bottles, etc.


Owners are responsible for any leaks resulting from any failure of a fixture or device within the individual condominium unit. The Association is only responsible for the primary water and waste lines which serve all the units.  Any plumbing, wires, chutes, ducts, or flues which service a single unit are the responsibility of that unit. Each owner is responsible for the integrity of their plumbing fixtures.  
Although the Association as a whole pays the monthly Water and Sewer bills, each owner is impacted by any excessive usage. Any savings made within the Association will trickle down to each owner's monthly dues being affected in a positive manner.   It is apparent that due to antiquated fixtures, leaky faucets, and running toilets, the water consumption is higher than expected for the size of community.  Most owners do not realize that one toilet that has a failing flapper and continues to run slightly will use 100,000 gallons of water in a month.  Every owner should make an effort to immediately stop any running toilet, sink or tub faucet.


Due to the nature of the community, the plumbing of each unit is tied to other units and therefore there are times in which you will be notified that the water service may be turned off during an adjacent unit's remodeling or repairs to plumbing fixtures.  PLEASE NOTE:  The Board of Directors voted on Resolution #2 on April 25, 2013, to impose Mandatory Shut-Off Valve Installation in any condominium which requests the water service to be interrupted within the high-rise in order to conduct any plumbing repairs or upgrades.  Additionally, every unit gets one free water shut off and any unit which fails to install shut-off valves at that time will be charged $200 for any subsequent request for the interruption to water service.  The fee runs with the Unit and not the Owner, therefore, upon sale of the unit, a new owner may become liable for future request of water interruptions.  Shut-Off valves should be installed in areas such as but not limited to:  sink locations, hot water heater, ice maker, any water line providing water to a tub/shower, clothes washer.  To request a water shut off, please click here for the form. 
Located in the lowest level of the high-rise and in Garden B.
All moving of furniture in the high-rise must be done through the lower level.  When moving in/out, please be sure to use a hand-truck or similar moving equipment with pneumatic tires only.  These tires are much softer than the hard rubber tires used on dollies or grocery carts.  Due to the newness of the resurfaced walkways, any other type of equipment may permanently damage the surface.  Owners will be responsible for any damages.
Hallways, stairwells and patios are to be kept clear of trash and clutter at all times.  Hanging items from the walkway railings is also not permitted.  Bicycles must be stored in your condo or in the bike rack located on the property.   Per the governing documents of the condominium association, each owner is responsible for keeping the patios clean and any drains free from debris.  It is critical that the patio drains on the ground level be kept clear and functioning properly in order to drain any rain water which may collect.  
For the safety and well-being of the residents, cameras are posted at strategic areas on the property.
The maintenance, keeping, boarding or raising of animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles of any kind, regardless of number, is prohibited within any Unit or upon the Common Elements, except that the keeping of ordinary domestic pets (e.g., dogs, cats or caged birds) not to exceed one per Unit without the approval of the Board of Directors.  For further information on the rules governing pets at 1800 JPA, please refer to Article 5.8 of the Bylaws.
If selling your condominium, Virginia law requires the seller to provide the purchaser with a current resale disclosure package.  Resale disclosure packages may be purchased online at www.homewisedocs.com