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1800 JPA 1800 JPA
1800 JPA
Parking/Vehicle Registration

1800 JPA 2018-2019 PARKING PASSES
The Homeowner's and Renter's Information Form must be completed before parking passes are issued.
Click to Download: 1800 JPA Owner/Renter Form
Click here to register for a guest pass. A limited number of guest passes are available for distribution at any one time and they are only valid for a maximum of three days. Guest passes will not be issued on football weekends or during special events. Please allow 24 business hours for guest passes to be generated.
All vehicles entering the property located at 1800 JPA are required to display a sticker  authorizing the vehicle to be parked in that property’s parking lot.  Parking stickers are updated yearly and may be obtained from Cathcart Property Management (434-296-1800)  The fee for parking permits is $22 per permit.  Payment is accepted by credit card, check or money order made payable to the 1800 JPA UOA.  Permits are available to owners or renters, however, only one permit for each registered vehicle, per bedroom will be issued.  Permits are for residents of the 1800 JPA community only.  Owners who have rented their unit(s) to other individuals may not possess additional parking permits.  The permits are strictly for the occupants who have registered vehicles on property. Each August, new parking permits are available for purchase for the upcoming year. 
In order to obtain a parking sticker, you must provide a valid registration, valid driver’s license, and proof of ownership or a current lease agreement.  Have your parking sticker displayed clearly on your rear windshield at all times. If the sticker will not be visible through the rear window, it may be placed on the front windshield behind your rearview mirror.
Please drive carefully on the property. Park in marked spaces only, never in fire or traffic lanes.
If your sticker is damaged or vehicle changed, please contact the management office at 434-296-1800.  You must return your damaged sticker or pay a sticker replacement fee.  In order to protect all residents, towing is unfortunately necessary to keep fire and traffic lanes clear.  Any vehicle parked illegally, even with a sticker, can be towed at any time, without notice, at owner's expense.
Any vehicle that is in an unsightly state of disrepair, has flat tires, is jacked up on supports, is inoperable, or lacks proper state licensing or inspection may not remain on the property for more than 24 hours.  Any vehicles violating this rule are subject to towing at the owner's expense without warning. We ask that you do not wash or repair vehicles in the parking area.

Bicycles must be stored inside your condo or at designated bike racks.  At no time can they be stored on the landings, under any stairs or attached to any railing of any part of the building. If a bicycle is found attached to a railing or part of the building, it will be immediately removed, without notice. Bicycles of unsightly repair may be removed by management without prior notice to the owner. The Association and those employed by the Association will not be responsible of any damage or theft of any bicycle(s).

The City and State Fire Codes prohibit the placing of bicycles, motorcycles, and trash at entrances or on/under steps or landings of buildings. Mopeds and motorcycles can never be put inside apartments or breezeways.  They must be kept in the parking lot.